Quality imrovement for fall prevention part 2


  •  Interviewing the Team

 In this brief assignment, please identify three members from the inter professional team that will be impacted by the work to be done and the proposed intervention for your quality improvement initiative.

please provide at least five questions you plan to ask each member. A summary of the interviews will be incorporated in Part III of the Quality Improvement Initiative 

  • QI Initiative Part II –
  •  The Evidence-Based Intervention In Part II, 
  • • Description of the Initiative and Intervention 

 What is the proposed intervention? Describe in detail.  Provide at least three project objectives or goals you plan to achieve as a result of the implementation of the plan. o Explain how the empirical literature supports the intervention you plan to use in your quality improvement initiative. • 

  • Description of the Practice Setting

 o Describe the type of organization or institution in the practice setting where the proposed Quality Improvement Initiative will take place.

  • • Stakeholders

 o What is the population of focus for the initiative  – nursing home patients

â–ª Describe who the stakeholders are and what population(s) is most affected by the problem, and in what ways they are impacted? â–ª Describe other groups that may be affected, indirectly or directly, by the proposed quality improvement initiative.  What other staff members might be directly impacted by the proposed change? 

  • • Nurse Role and Responsibility 

o What is the professional role of the nurse in addressing the problem, implementing the plan, and overseeing the outcomes? o Explain the role of the professional nurse leader in the promotion of team empowerment in a quality improvement initiative

  • integrate Scholarly Sources

 Explain the significance of the healthcare-related issue and the interventions using scholarly evidence, nursing theory, and knowledge from other disciplines



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