Aging and Intelligence

The goal of this discussion is to become familiar with and use academic presentations that address aging and intelligence. Many of these are produced by book publishers and universities. Review several of these presentations and identify three or more, including at least one that you believe to be from a reliable source.

In your initial post, explain what is meant by three of these concepts:

  • Creativity, intelligence, and aging.
  • Fluid and crystallized intelligence.
  • Peak learning.
  • Psychometrics.
  • Wisdom, intelligence, and aging.
  • Measurement and performance.
  • Piaget, Denney, Schaie, or Baltes’ theoretical perspective.

For each concept you choose, find one academic presentation (many of these will be PowerPoint files) that appears to support what is said in the chapter reading. You may find these from universities, institutions of professional development, or other reputable sources, by conducting an Internet search. The presentation may not be limited to a PowerPoint presentation on the topic but can be a video or audio recording, for example; such mini-lectures or presentations can identify new terminology and applications of concepts that will broaden your perspective of the topic. Point out anything that appears to conflict with the chapter reading. For each topic, describe how the presentation you chose might be used to begin a conversation on the topic identified.

Attach the URL for each presentation resource in your discussion post. Check your APA manual, Section 7.04 on pages 206–207, to cite and reference these presentations properly in your post.



In order to interpret the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) diagram. It is recommended that we start from the outside of the diagram.

Briefly name three (3) components required to successfully conceive a complex set of inter-operable processes and implementable procedures and structural elements.


In chapter seven (7), we have learned from “The Path to Information Value” that Seventy percent of managers and executives say data are “extremely important” for creating competitive advantage.

In addition, it is implied by the authors that, “The key, of course, is knowing which data matter, who within a company needs them, and finding ways to get that data into users’ hands.”

Looking at the Economist Intelligence Unit report, identify the three (3) phases that led to the yard’s rebirth.

Each discussion should have 200 words with references and APA format. Attached textbook for your refrence. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance


Refer to NIST SP 800-53 (Rev. 4) for the 18 candidate security control families and associated security controls.

Security Assessment must be incorporated into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in order to be a secure, integrated process. Testing of selected security controls ensures that applications meet business requirements, function as planned, and protect associated data securely from attack. A security assessment of the targeted environment identifies vulnerabilities that may cause a security breach and specifies the security controls that mitigate the vulnerabilities.

For this assignment, use the organization you chose in Week 1.

Part I: Mapping Vulnerabilities to Security Controls

Choose 5 distinct security control families as specified in NIST SP 800-53 (Rev. 4) that are most applicable to your organization’s known vulnerabilities.

Create a 1-page spreadsheet in Microsoft® Excel® that identifies the following criteria for each family:

  • Control ID
  • Control Name
  • Vulnerability
  • Recommended mitigation (refer to your Week 3 assignment; refine them for this mitigation)
Part II: Security Controls Testing

Provide a 2- to 3-page table in Microsoft Word including each family, and describe the testing procedure that will mitigate the vulnerability. Annotate whether the testing procedure is an interview, observation, technical test, or a combination.

Example of Security Controls Testing Table:

Part III: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Provide a 1-page description of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning processes.

Describe how they are used as part of the organization’s testing and assessment strategy


Submit your project abstract here.

Attach a WORD document and submit.

Submit your project abstract on topic “Impact of Integrating Tools on the Incident Response”


Watch the following video and then record a brief essay that includes the talking points below

Create a powerpoint with notes

  • Brief summary of traditional economic theory about how to keep labor productivity high.
  • Brief summary of Dan Pink’s view compared and contrasted with traditional economic theory.
  • Brief description of an industry of your choice. It can be an industry you work in, an industry you have worked in, an industry you have observed as a customer, or an industry you are familiar with through family or friends.
  • How would you motivate employees to work together to increase productivity in this industry? Would you focus more on monetary reward or on non-monetary incentives? Is your suggestion consistent with traditional economic theory? Is it consistent with Dan Pink’s presentation?
  • Do you believe we could increase productivity in the U.S. if we were to change the way we use incentives to encourage productivity? Explain.

Be sure to identify outside sources. You may also use your personal observation of behavior of others and/or personal accounts of your own. Be careful not to present generalizations or the thinking of others as fact without supporting documentation.

Your video should be approximately 3-5 minutes long and meet professional standards in terms of content. Your submission needs to be respectful and supportive in tone.


VALS Psychographic Segmentation Survey

The Strategic Business Institute offers consulting services to organizations in order to improve their marketing strategies. One such tool is the VALS Psychographic Segmentation Survey. The survey provides important data on consumers allowing organizations to improve their strategies in new product development, product positioning, and marketing communications by better understanding consumer values, attitudes and lifestyles.

Go to Strategic Business Institute to take the US VALS Survey. This site can be finicky, so it may take more than one try. Take the survey and record your primary and secondary VALS types. Read the descriptions provide on the web site under VALS types.

Answer each of the following questions by first typing the question, in bold, and then answering the question. Please double space between questions.

  • What are your VALS types (1st and 2nd)?
  • Do you think your VALS profiles accurately identify factors that motivate your buying behavior? What characteristics do you have that are similar? Are there areas where the profile really does not fit you?
  • Explain how marketers could use this information to improve the likelihood that you, personally, would buy their product.
  • Give three specific real-world examples of what marketers did to reach you. Identify the marketer’s technique and the product (including brand name) that you ended up buying as a result.


Case Study Assignment

In this assignment, you will go to (Links to an external site.)and select a case study from the left hand side of the website to summarize and critique following the rubric. The paper should be between 4-6 pages (including cover page and reference page). Please use at least two scholarly references (other than the website you are getting your case study from) to back up your claims. Format this paper in paragraph form using proper grammar, punctuation and APA formatting. There is no need for an abstract. LOOK at attached file i uploaded for more details.


Respond to this week’s discussion prompts.

Discussion Prompt 1

The Developmental Debate on Gender Identification

There is debate among developmental theorists as to what influences thoughts and behavior related to gender. For example, what influences a child to play with a doll versus a truck, or what influences a child to engage in active play versus passive play? Do we make these choices because of innate desires determined by biological factors, or is it because we have become socially conditioned to make certain choices? Review and identify the positions that developmental theorists take regarding the influences of gender, and describe what you believe influences gender identity most. Elaborate on your answer.

Discussion Prompt 2

Learning Language

Some experts emphasize the importance of adult reinforcement of early speech, others suggest that language learning is innate, biologically wired, while others believe it to be a biproduct of social impulses. Reflect on this week’s video, Out of the Mouths of Babes. Which language development theory does this video emphasize, and how can you tell? To support your answer, provide an example of one of the experiments conducted and explain how it fits in to the learning theory process you identified. What position do you take on the matter of language acquisition, and based on that position, would you advocate that parents read to children even before they start to talk? Explain your rationale.


Please watch the video and discuss about how it fits with your own leadership practices or your own philosophy of leadership. Explain your answer and how it fits leading with integrity.


I need two simulation training assignments and two homework assignments done for Microsoft PowerPoint via mylab on the pearson website. Will give login information once tutor is selected. Thank you!