Watch the following video and then record a brief essay that includes the talking points below

Create a powerpoint with notes

  • Brief summary of traditional economic theory about how to keep labor productivity high.
  • Brief summary of Dan Pink’s view compared and contrasted with traditional economic theory.
  • Brief description of an industry of your choice. It can be an industry you work in, an industry you have worked in, an industry you have observed as a customer, or an industry you are familiar with through family or friends.
  • How would you motivate employees to work together to increase productivity in this industry? Would you focus more on monetary reward or on non-monetary incentives? Is your suggestion consistent with traditional economic theory? Is it consistent with Dan Pink’s presentation?
  • Do you believe we could increase productivity in the U.S. if we were to change the way we use incentives to encourage productivity? Explain.

Be sure to identify outside sources. You may also use your personal observation of behavior of others and/or personal accounts of your own. Be careful not to present generalizations or the thinking of others as fact without supporting documentation.

Your video should be approximately 3-5 minutes long and meet professional standards in terms of content. Your submission needs to be respectful and supportive in tone.

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