Week 8 Discussion: Write Your Discussion Post

Please read week 9 instructions first. Choose another business story other than the one we have done before then proceed with this DB. 

This discussion provides a forum for you to give and receive feedback on articles you are finding and how you plan to use them to provide evidence for your selected gap in practice.

In this discussion, share a draft of the first part of your Week 9 assignment by addressing the following:

·         State the specific business problem and the gap in practice.

·         Identify at least two articles (one from the current literature, published within the last 3–5 years, and one from the past literature) that inform your selected problem and gap and discuss how they apply to current trends in the field of leadership.

·         Based on your selected problem, gap, and the past and current literature you have reviewed for your assignment, identify a related business problem and project using one of three topics appropriate for the field of leadership. Explain why this project would be a good fit to address the problem.

Title your post with the problem and gap you have selected (for instance, “Kensington Auto Parts: Problem/Gap 1” or “CareLead Medical: Problem/Gap 3”). Be sure to use APA style to cite the articles you reference and provide in-text citations if you quote from the articles.

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