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Please use any of the two attached business Stories for this assignment (NOT CareLead Medical per the instruction).

Also, please remember to use MEAL format when writing the assignment. EACH PARA SHOULD HAVE 3 DIFF CITATIONS.




Using a business story other than the one you used in previous assignments, choose a problem and its related gap in practice. Choose from the three pairs of problems and gaps in practice linked and labeled for this assignment, which relate to the assignment topics.

Write a 5–7 page analysis in which you:

·         State the specific business problem and the gap in practice.

·         Discuss how the two articles you found for this assignment apply to current trends in the field of leadership, then add these sources to your Capstone Literature Matrix. Download the Capstone Literature Matrix [XLSX] Download Capstone Literature Matrix [XLSX]if you need a new copy.

·         Based on your selected problem, gap, and the past and current literature you have reviewed for this assignment, identify a related business problem and project using one of three topics appropriate for the field of leadership. Explain why this project would be a good fit to address the problem.

·         Explain why removing your personal biases from the literature discovery process might help you in identifying more applicable past and current research to provide supporting evidence for your topic and project.

·         Provide a detailed analysis of your recommendations

Submit your analysis and literature matrix in the assignment area. Be sure to upload both documents before submitting the assignment.

Additional Requirements

As you complete your assignment, be sure your submission meets the following guidelines:

·         Capstone Literature Matrix: Submit the completed literature matrix with your selected articles.

·         Written communication: Use error-free doctoral-level writing, with original (nonplagiarized) content, logical phrasing, and accurate word choices.

·         APA formatting: Format all references and citations according to the current APA style and formatting guidelines. Visit Evidence and APALinks to an external site. for help with APA.

·         Font and font size: Use a consistent APA-compliant font, 12 points.

·         Length: Submit a 5–7 page, double-spaced analysis in addition to the literature matrix.

·         File naming protocol: Follow the standard naming conventions for any files you upload. Refer to the Submissions RequirementsLinks to an external site. for details.


Paper Requirements:


The paper MUST contain the following:


1.      Identifies examples of current and past articles that provide evidence for a chosen problem and gap in practice and notes what distinguishes these examples from other articles.

2.      Discusses how selected current and past articles apply to current trends in the field of leadership, using applicable examples.

3.      Makes annotations in a literature matrix that convey how the literature provides adequate evidence for the problem, gap, and project need, providing more than two examples.

4.      Identifies and provides rationale for a business problem and project appropriate for the field of leadership, briefly explaining the pros and cons of the proposed project. Identifies and provides rationale for a business problem and project appropriate for the field of leadership, briefly explaining the pros and cons of the proposed project.

5.      Describes the role of removing personal biases in the project discovery process, using applicable examples.

6.      Varied, complex sentence structures and virtually flawless grammar convey clear, unequivocal meaning and engage readers.

7.      Applies APA style and formatting to scholarly writing. Exhibits strict and nearly flawless adherence to stylistic conventions, document structure, and source attributions.


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