Week 2 Assignment: Description of Organization Selected – Brookdale University Hospital Center

You wrote about One Brooklyn Health but proff has suggested we stick to one hospital. so I choose Brookdale University Medical Center. Please use the added information and write just about the Brookdale University Medical Center, based on the assignment instructions. 

Don’t worry about discussing dependent theory or anything else. Just focus on the organization that I will be discussing in the future. I have gathered additional information from Wikipedia as well as online and have decided to focus on one of the three hospitals that make up One Brooklyn Health. Rather than discussing One Brooklyn Health, I want to discuss Brookdale University Medical Center and focus just on that organization as part of One Brooklyn Health. Please describe the Brookdale Hospital Center, its history, mission, vision, and values; organizational structure/department including Human Resources, Finance Department, Education/training, etc, including the departments/service units ER, Cardiology, etc. 


Compose a 3–4 page paper identifying the organization (Brookdale University Medical Center, a part of One Brooklyn Health System) selected for your resource dependency theory and institutional theory analysis paper due in Week 10.

1.       Describe the organization you selected.

2.       Provide a brief history of the organization you selected. Within the history, provide background information, statistics, and sufficient data to describe the organization.

3.       Provide the organization’s mission, vision, and/or values.

4.       Describe the organization’s structure (departments, divisions, et cetera).

5.       Discuss whether this selection emerges from your current work or recent academic or community service experiences(My connection with Brookdale Hospital is from Community Service Experience).

6.       Be sure to cite your sources using the current APA format. See Academic WriterLinks to an external site. for assistance with APA.

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