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Discuss why EBP is an essential component of the practice of a BSN-prepared RN. Identify two ways in which you will continue to integrate evidence into your practice and encourage it within your work environment. What obstacles could challenge this plan, and what steps will you take to minimize their impact?

(G, S, 6 /14)


As nurses gain a better understanding of the factors which influence patient outcomes, nurse naturally gain more respect for evidence-based practice (EBP). While the importance of EBP is emphasized in lower level programs, nurses are learning about what interventions are available and when to apply them. Nurses with more experience understand how all the intrinsic interventions weave together to support patient outcomes. BSN prepared nurses also have more insight and appreciation for EBP (Abu-Baker et al., 2021).

Integrating EBP into the daily practice can be difficult, however it only takes one person to influence the actions of others. As a new nurse, I follow several different nurses as part of my training program. My hospital teaches all nurses to follow EBP in daily patient care. However, I can report that very few nurses actually follow EBP in daily practice. The reasons most nurses take short cuts is due to too many patients or because nurse are doing the jobs of PCA. Yes, most PCAs are not held accountable for doing their jobs. Until the nursing profession learns to hold PCAs accountable for doing their jobs, nurses will always be left holding the bag. 


I trained and worked as a PCA (CNA) while working on my ADN. I know what PCAs are trained to do. PCAs need to be held accountable for doing their job by facilities and nursing supervisors. Nurses are overworked, and with the nursing shortage, there is no reason for PCAs being given a pass. I get ice, water, blankets, change briefs, help patients eat, help patients to the bathroom, admin eye drops, admin ear drops, give baths, etc. PCA are trained and authorized to do all these duties in the state of Texas. The supervisory staff of my facility needs classes on how to manage people better. I assume other nurses have left which is why there was an opening for me. 



Abu-Baker, N.N., AbuAlrub, S., Obeidat, R.F. & Assmairan K. (2021). Evidence-based practice beliefs and implementations: A cross-sectional study among undergraduate nursing students. BMC Nursing 20,13.



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