From ITV’s ‘Love Island’ to Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’, 2019 has been a year full of great reality shows, drawing huge viewings. For instance, ‘Love Island’ has an average audience number of 5.5m. Figures from Ampere on reality shows currently in production reveals that the BBC and Channel 4 are the top commissioners, followed by Snapchat and Netflix ( It seems that both traditional broadcasters and streaming providers bet reality shows will continue to attract more viewers.

Task: To discuss and critique the (un)popularity of reality shows viewing in a country market of your own choice from a consumer behaviour perspective.

Your explanation and analysis must be based on three topics from the following list.

1. Motivation

2.Perception, learning and memory

3. Attitudes

4. Consumer identity

5. Consumers and reference groups

(You can see the following documents about these topics. please clearly separate the three topics in the essay.)

You can do either of the following two:

1) use a particular show in your essay to analyze why it is popular or not popular in a country market (e.g., USA);

2) use a few shows to analyze why they are popular or not popular in a country market (e.g., India).

2800-3000 words, no more than 3000 words!

Reference must be accurate to the page.

No Plagiarism!!!

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