1. What is your diagnostic formulation? How does the diagnosis(es) meet DSM criteria?
  3. What are your rule-outs (differentials)?
  5. What screening/assessment tools would you use (if any) and why?
  6. Discuss the etiology of your major psychiatric diagnosis(es) and the psychological underpinnings.
  8. Discuss the epidemiology associated with your diagnostic formulation.
  9. Discuss medical concerns (if any) and suggested interventions.
  11. What would be your therapeutic interventions while the patient is in the hospital? Outpatient? Include both psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic interventions. Be specific and evidence based when determining your treatment strategies.
  13. Discuss key points that might be considered when interviewing this patient considering his diagnosis(es).
  15. What should you keep in mind about counter-transference issues that might come up with this type of client? How would you manage your feelings and minimize impact on the therapeutic process?
  17. Give the prognostic factors associated with your diagnostic formulation.
  18. Discuss the risk assessment for this gentleman.
  20. As a resource for nursing staff, what factors would you keep in mind when consulting with them around the care of this patient?


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