1.     You may read as much of the paper as you would like, but for this assignment please focus on and comment on the introduction to the paper (generally the first several paragraphs).

2.     Respond to the questions below.  You may use bullet points or short sentences – this assignment is not about your writing, but rather your critique of someone else’s writing against the assignment guidelines.  Your responses may be brief (2 to 4 thoughts per question), but please include some level of depth to your response (something more than “it was good” or “it needed work”).  Be as specific as possible.

Question 1: What do you like about the introduction section of this paper?

Question 2: What do you think could be improved in the introduction?

Question 3: What specific feedback would you give this writer?  Consider the assignment guidelines, the writer’s ability to communicate ideas clearly and the paper format (grammar, spelling, APA).



@@@@Assignment guidelines

Introduction: This section provides a general overview of the issue as is relevant to explaining your PICOT question. This is your Problem Statement and Thesis. You will need to address:

·       The significance of the issue (including factors such as disease prevalence, consequences, etc.)

·       Give relevant information about the population   

·       Provide contextual information about the intervention(s)

·       Introduce the outcomes that will be explored.

·         The introduction should end with a clear thesis.

·       All of this information should be appropriately referenced.  While it is fine to use references that you will include later in the literature review, it is very likely that you will need to use additional references when covering these topics.


Thank you


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