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what I need is to read this Discussion from one of may classmates, give an answer and appreciation of what you think about it, at least one question between words, just 5 to 6 lines. thank you

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Tamila Ellis

RE: Discussion Prompt 1


Social mobility in the United States is very delicate subject in a sense referring to sex and gender . Social stratification has rankings that categorizes socioeconomic factors like wealth, income, race, education and power . These would also indicate the status of individuals in a working class, upper class, lower or middle social class. Some are born into poverty and some are born into a wealthy family. The class system definition from the glossary (p. 395) states that the social ranking is primarily based on economic position in which achieved characteristics can influence social mobility. My example would be with education, by obtaining a college education you will have the opportunity to maintain and be stable and productive in the society by earning more than a person that did not graduate high school. The stratification is that the college graduate may have had the opportunity to attend college based of the family’s wealth and history of attending college (open system). The one that has no high school diploma may have been born into poverty and no family wealth or history of anyone finishing high school or college (closed system). Social mobility also refers to sex and gender and changing roles in society and in the workplace. Occupational mobility pertains to me in a sense that when I decided to go to medial assistant school because I wanted to become a Nurse , so I change careers from customer service and wanting to become a school teacher, I saw that the rank and salary in Nursing was much more than what I had set my goal and mind on in the beginning, No one in my family has done Nursing, so I want to be that one to do so.


Schaefer, R. T. (2015). Sociology: A Brief Introduction (11th edition).

New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

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