The best sources of information on the global community can be accessed through the official website of the United Nations (UN). The UN home page contains links to the “United Nations Member States,” and alphabetic listing of all the UN member nations with links to official national websites of most nations. The UNI’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs provides access to extensive information pertaining to such things as the global environment, human settlement, population demographics, social development, human rights, and international trade.

For this week’s discussion board you are going to explore beyond the text and conduct some research.

Step 1: Go to UN Global Issues

Step 2: Pick one of the subcategories for UN global issues from the side column.

Step 3: In a detailed response answer the following discussion question below:

Write a detail analysis of the issue you chose. Identify specific ways the UN is improving conditions. Use evidence from the website to support your answer.

Please respond to 2 students with 3-5 sentence if you agree, disagree or try to either challenge or expand on what it is that they are trying to say to their post and explain why.


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