1 page double space MLA

Review and analyze an annual report

Your task is to analyze a corporation’s brand and online identity via its annual report.

Please begin by reviewing a corporate annual report of your choice. These reports are available on the companies’ websites. After you complete your research, please write a one-page case study that answers the following questions.

How would you describe the company’s brand?

Based on the company’s brand, who is the target audience for the annual report?

How could the company could reach its target audience audience more effectively?

When writing your case study, please keep in mind the Business Writing principles we have been working with during the semester. This case study is another opportunity for you to apply the principles to your own writing.

Part 2

Synthesize the commentary with your views about what it means to be sensitive in business writing. Based on your analysis of the Blogs, write one principle (i.e., one sentence) about sensitivity in business writing.

Decide what you think should be the top three guidelines for sensitivity.

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