Please answer in a. separate word document those questions:

1. Identify the four market segment groups based on brand loyalty status and list what a company can learn from analyzing the degrees of brand loyalty.

2. Describe how a marketer can develop effective brand positioning. Provide one real-world example.

3. Describe the valuable functions brands can perform for a firm, the function of brand tracking studies, and the meaning and function of a brand audit.

4. How can a marketer compete when it enters the growth phase of the product life cycle? Provide a real-world example.

and than answer this in an essay APA format:

please answer those in a essay:

Submit answers to the following in essay form

1. Identify the major competitors in the blue jeans market.

2. Who has the leading market share, whose shares have declined?
3. What segmentation is (has) occurring/occurred in the blue jeans market and why?
4. Did demographic changes affect the market (from baby boomers to Gen X or Gen Y)?
5. What competitive signs, symbols, events, or occurrences did Levi-Strauss miss?
6. What current shifts in competition and channel power is occurring and what can Levi-Strauss do to minimize the impact from these changes?

Assignment requires 2 – 3 pages responding to the above questions including an introduction and conclusion.
Also add a title and references page in APA format.

One of the sources please from the book I am gonna add a chapter where you can find a source. I hope you can find a source out of it and the books name is:

Marketing Management


page2image29088 page2image29568

Kotler, Philip & Keller, Kevin

15th (2016)

page2image33304 page2image33784


For potential full credit, make use of marketing concepts from the readings and other sources, Papers must have at least two (2) references of credible marketing theory, one from the text book.

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