QI for fall with hourly rounding Part IV

  • Implementation Plan

State proposed intervention plan, based on findings from the literature.


Outline a timeline for implementation of the plan.


Outline responsibilities for implementation and feedback.


Apply a relevant nursing leadership theory/concept to be utilized in order to implement the plan.


Outline how responsibilities for implementation and feedback will be addressed.


Explain the moral and ethical decision-making process as it relates to promoting equitable public health prevention.


Resources Needed to Facilitate the Implementation Plan

Identify the resources needed to implement the plan (physical, financial, human capital).


Discuss how health information technology could be used in any phase of the QI initiative (evaluate, develop, and/or implement).


If health information technology resources or other technology resources are not available, make recommendations.


Outline the type of costs and budget needed to implement the plan.

Implications for Nursing Practice


Explain how your QI initiative implementation plan may impact nursing practice.

Explain the anticipated training needs related to the use of technology in the plan.

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