Ethical Final Project

Hello, This is the final Project for Ethics class and the rubric needs to be followed accordingly. JUST CHECK THE FILE ATTACHED

You’re going to create a Powerpoint presentation, outlining your decision making process and or how you would respond to this scenario. So your assignment should contain the Powerpoint presentation in Pdf form and the video recording.

So this is kind of basically taking your own or coming up your own ethical dilemma and working through that process you’ll need to. You need a title, slide, scenario, slide, step, one decision slide.

step, 2 decision slide and a step. 3 decision slide. That’s the requirements.

You can read through this for the overview, the directions and then you’ll have each of the slide.

Examples are presented here for what you need to do. And your conclusion slide as well. Make sure you do have a conclusion slide summarizing the key points. You’re gonna have a step, one slide that might take 2 to 3 min. Step 2 might take 2 to 3 min, step 3 might take 2 to 3 min, and then wrapping it all up would be probably about 2 min, so at most

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