You work for the Rite Aid Pharma Co.

I am the CEO and am concerned that we are losing to our competitors for our wonder pill that will eradicate CMU-ites.

I am placing you in charge as my Project Manager to evaluate and asses our lagging sales as they relate to our operational efficiency.

I expect a detailed report addressing our present operational approach and how it relates to sales. Then you must provide solutions to both our operations and sales force to stop our lagging sales.

I also need from you a budget paying specific attention to the phases to do the work (e.g., initial AS-IS condition, analysis of sales/operations, proposed solution). The number of months for each phase, cost of each phase, and critical participants – project manager, sales person, Ops Manager, etc.).

Remember you are to write in business language so first, there is NO abstract – rather there is an Executive Summary.

You can find examples of a project analysis on the internet. Just remember to add the required number of citations and references (no less than 20).

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