The Company I am working on is Starbucks and this is the URL for the Starbucks website:

Go to your company’s website to review the company’s most recent annual report. if you are working on GE you need to look at their primary Annual Report however you will also find information broken out by business segment. VFC provides the corporate annual report. I am uncertain if they have broken out their brands separately. Use what is available. Find the balance sheet and the corresponding discussion.Using concepts from the chapter, review and calculate some of the company’s key ratios. (Links to an external site.)

Make sure you have read and looked carefully at the examples of the Balance Sheet Statement and the Income Statement presented in the text, this will help you compare the financial statements for GE.

Using financial statements from annual report or 10K , Identify the financial report used to find each part of each equation and then provide one important use or limitation of the ratio generally. Explain this in terms of your company. What does it tell you about your company? Present each statement in its written form, then insert the proper numbers from the financial statement, and then tell what statement these numbers came from and provide the page number of the statement in the financial report.

Provide ratios for:

Gross Profit Margin

Liquidity ratio

receivables turnover,

debt ratio

long term debt to equity.

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