New ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in older age

Healthy Lifestyle People who follow good health habits in their younger age tend to stay relatively more robust irrespective of their age. But it is never too late for a healthy lifestyle. Following good health habits can help elderly people to find ease in lifestyle. It could even prevent serious health issues.

In a research, it was analyzed that one could add extra five to eight years to their lifespan, by following a healthy lifestyle. Accepting the changes is the first part in acquiring stable health. With aging, there will be variations in blood pressure, heart conditions, and lesser immunity towards illness. These changes can affect both physically and emotionally. Leading a healthier life can boost both the physical and mental state. Healthy eating and regular physical activities are the primary solutions for good health at any age. But with more refined tips and a little more care, older adults can improve their living, leading a healthier lifestyle.

Through this article, let us discuss some valuable tips that could help seniors in achieving a healthier life and to live longer without struggles.

Regular health checkups

Health screenings play an essential role when it comes to old age. Screening should be done for a broad spectrum of diseases and health conditions such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, etc. Regular checkups can reduce the risk of severe illness and could improve health with proper medications and diet.

Regular eyesight, hearing and dental checkups

Older adults should have an eye test and get their prescription reviewed every year, as well as have their eyes screened for health issues such as glaucoma. Having the right pair of glasses can significantly diminish the prospect of falls. Hearing loss occurs commonly with aging, often due to exposure to loud noise. So hearing checkups should be done in a regular interval of time. Visiting the dentist once every six months could exclude the risk of cavities.

Maintaining healthy weight

Obesity and overweight can raise the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. Hence it is imperative to manage a healthy weight, and this should be in accordance with the body mass index (BMI). Diet and exercise have a vital role in having a healthy weight. Individual medications should also be considered to balance the lifestyle.

Stay physically active

Even with conventional medications and better health, some people at their old age doesn’t convey much. It is always required to be active, and being active encompasses both mental activeness and physical activeness. Morning/Evening walks and exercise classes can aid in physical activeness. Mental activities could be hastened by having talking sessions with other people, including family members, younger people and people of the same age.

Sound sleep

Insomnia and frequent waking in the night are typical among older adults. There is nothing wrong with a nap in the midday to catch up on some snooze, but it’s vital to ensure the room is a calm, quiet and comfortable place for them to get as much sleep as they need. Afternoon naps could help seniors in being active, but frequent naps could result in tiredness.

Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful, and for older adults, the consequence is higher. Being old, it is troublesome to regulate the performance of the lungs, and with a constant obsession with smoking, the risk is double. It is always required to keep the lungs protected and hence smoking should be avoided.



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