For this assignment you will complete a comprehensive assessment of a child/adolescent. This should not be a patient that you have encountered in your work, but instead, should be a family member, or child/adolescent of a friend. Your assessment should be comprehensive, and you should refer to course texts to inform items for inclusion in your assessment. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for covering those areas addressed in the reading assignments up to this point.

Remember to obtain consent and document it with the following consent form: Child Consent Form.pdf




DUE DATE: Your Comprehensive Assessment of a Child/Adolescent should be submitted no later than  .



In the past, students have requested examples of assessments or templates. Please note, there are numerous correct “forms” for an assessment. Below are a few examples that faculty have gathered. You are not required to use them- some may have more or less information than is required. Please review the rubric to ensure you are including necessary information.

Assessment Template-1.docx








Assessment Template- 2.docx




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