Inferential Statistical Methods Using Excel

Discussion Resources

The following resources will help you complete this discussion and may be useful in completing your third assignment.

  • Lind, D. A., Marchal, W. G., & Wathen, S. A. (2019). Basic statistics for business and economics (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
    • Chapter 5, “A Survey of Probability Concepts.”
      • Review this chapter as needed.
    • Chapter 8, “Sampling Methods and the Central Limit Theorem.”
      • Sampling a population gives us information to make judgments and inferences about the population. This chapter discusses methods of selecting a sample from a population and how to think about the distribution of the sample.
  • Thomas, R., & McSharry, P. (2015). Big data revolution: What farmers, doctors, and insurance agents can teach us about patterns in big data. West Sussex, England: Wiley.
    • Chapter 7, “Government and Society.”
    • Chapter 8, “Corporate Sustainability.”


Using the work you did for your last assignment, write two to three sentences introducing the company whose stock you downloaded. Then explain the process by which you created each required graph. It is acceptable to reuse the text from your assignment for this discussion.

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