Search “” or your textbook. Include at least 250 words in your reply. Indicate at least one source or reference in your original post. Discuss ways organizations have built a CSIRT. What are the components to building an effective and successful CSIRT team?


Any company or organization gives special importance and priority in establishing a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). The team plays a critical role as it deals with identifying the security threats and breaches that might occur in the company and come up with ways to handle it.

CSIRT team in an organization continuously monitors the security of the organization in all aspects. The team focuses mainly on handling the situations and secondly on training the employees of the organization in identifying these incidents and handling them at basic level and also train them on the practices to inculcate to avoid the happening of the security attacks (H.Bryk, 2015).

While building the CSIRT team organization has to build the team keeping in mind that the CSIRT team has to closely work with employees at organization that belong to various levels in the organization from the stake holders to the lowest level employees of the organization. They should be in a condition to communicate well with all the teams and members of the organization and sometimes with teams outside the organization based on the situation they are looking into.

The second important aspect to keep in mind while building the team is that the organization should make sure that the team is getting the required funds to handle the situation and team get the effective attention in identifying the security incidents in the organization. The main important thing to keep in mind while building the team that the best team is formed only by the best recruits that the company makes to form the team (G.Killcrece, 2016).

The team should comprise of a leader who leads the team, an incident manager who manages the team on dealing with an incident, an investigator who leads the team in investigating the incident, a legal expert who can suggest on the actions to be taken legally based on the incident occurred and a public relationship manager who is good at communicating with people inside and outside the organization when an incident occurs (MJ West-Brown, 2017). All these roles form a good CSIRT team for an organization.

The above are some of the important things that the organization should keep in mind while designing the CSIRT team.

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