1) Office Analysis Paper

a. Your movie analysis should address the following questions:

b. What were the managers’ and consultants’ several motivational techniques? Did they mesh well together?

c. Why were the consultants impressed by an employee trying to be dismissed? Should they have been?

d. Why is the movie titled “Office Space”?

e. If you were hired as the Human Resource Manager, what would be the first three issues that you would address? Why?

2) Reflection Paper topics:

Implementing Total Rewards Strategies: A guide to successfully planning and implementing a total rewards system”- Enhance your organization’s performance and employee morale with a well-thought-out and skillfully implemented total rewards program. This research-based report provides a concise overview of the total rewards implementation process including the four key phases: assessment, design, execution and evaluation.

I have attached the guidlines to write the reflection paper

3) Discussion Board topic:

One employee is frequently late to work and on occasion has failed to call his supervisor to report his absence when sick. One morning, the supervisor decides he has had enough and wants to terminate the employee. How should the HR Department handle this situation?

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