Contextual Research Essay

Part I: Textual Analysis

  • Analyze significant quotes from your reading
  • Discuss main ideas/arguments within your text

Now ask yourself:

How might additional context impact your perception of your reading?

What insight would you hope to gain from this new background information?

Part II: Research Analysis

  • Present your contextual research findings
  • How does the context you have gathered enhance the meaning of your text?
  • How does the context you have gathered complicate the meaning of your text?

Part III: New Ideas/Free Association

Now ask yourself:

How could my analysis of this reading serve as a jumping-off point for new thoughts/ideas?

  • Address new topics/thoughts/question about the author and his/her text inspired by your analysis thus far.
  • Discuss how these new thoughts Complicate or enhance the meaning of your new reading
  • How has your perspective on the text changed as result of your new associations with the author and his/her text?

Part IV: Concluding Remarks

Asses the intellectual value of outside context and free-association as it applies to a text

MLA format 4 Sources 5-6 Pages

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