Human Variation Discussion

For this discussion please do the following:

This discussion asks you to address examples of human variation like those presented in the lecture. They include skin color, weight, height, lactose tolerance, etc. You will need to address why this variation exists using your resources as well as your speculation as to the future of our species.

1. Define and reflect on the concept of biocultural evolution in your own words. Provide an example from the lectures, readings, or your own scholarly research.

2. Provide an example of biological human variation from this week. Why does this variation exist? Examples include skin color, lactose tolerance, etc. You can also research in the library. Your examples must be real and supported in scholarly research.

3. Finally, think about the way we live today. Make a prediction about something you think will change in humans due to climate change or cultural changes. While this is speculative, I want the prediction to be logical and based in scientific research from the course.

If you want to research your own example, feel free, but please provide the scholarly research in APA style.

Provide an APA style reference and in text citation for the weekly and additional resources used to inform your post.The APA Style Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab is an excellent resource to help with this

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