1.(2000 words) critically analyse Al-Kateb v Godwin (2004) 219 CLR 562 (focus on the judgments of McHugh and Kirby only) Structure should be:

I Introduction 200 words

II Facts 400 words

III Ratio Decidendi 50 words

IV Obiter Dictum 50 words

V Reasoning 500 words

VI Policy Issue 500 words

VII Conclusion 200 words

2.(4000 words)Without a Bill of Rights, or the political will to introduce one, the Australian judiciary may utilise the principle of legality as a means of protecting fundamental rights. Critically evaluate this and other options for the Australian legal system to protect fundamental human rights. Structure should be :

I Introduction : 1 General Issues 2 Specific Issues (400 words)

II Background/Definitions: seperation of power/stare decisis/ judicial activism (500 words)

III The Law 1.Introductory para 2.Relevant (1000 words)

IV Analysis 1.Introductory para 2. Judicial Activism 3.seperation of powers: 1.Role of judges 2.Role of legislations

and recommendations/solutions (2000 words)

VI Conclusion (200 words)

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