Each student is required to read a current (within one week of due date) affairs article dealing with some facet of international importance. The article may pertain travel and tourism or it may relate to some aspect of international affairs which would impact travel and tourism(e.g. crime, terrorism, health concerns, political considerations, etc.). The articles may be found in magazines, newspapers, journals or on the internet. You will be required to share a synopsis of the article with your classmates and with the instructor. Therefore, one copy of the synopsis will be posted as a discussion item and one copy will be submitted to the instructor via the dropbox. The synopsis should be approximately 100 words in length. Class members are also required to respond as a discussion thread to at least one other student’s synopsis during the week the update is due. Each article synopsis is worth 5 points. Late submissions will not be accepted.

the below is one of my classmate’s synopsis

The 2019 Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference is a development conference held six years after the 2013 regional tourism development conference. In 2019, Guangxi Cultural Tourism Development Conference was held in Guilin. The theme of the conference is “cultural tourism integration industry development – high quality to build a world-class international tourism resort”. The time of the conference is November 20-21. The conference has three characteristics: comprehensively deploy and promote the cultural tourism industry integration and high-quality development in the new era, strengthen the construction of ecological environment and tourism marketing publicity, and promote the construction of international tourism consumption center.

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