interview including preparing your questions for the interview. This should be 3 separate interviews with nurse leaders.

Review of the literature on Covid-19, or disaster/emergency preparedness and how nurses respond.

·  Educational materials –

o 10 hours for viewing the videos, podcasts or attending a session at their workplace on Covid or participating in a webinar.

o 5 hours are for writing a 2-3 paragraph reflection on the main messages received in viewing each of the videos, webinars, etc.. There should be a write-up for each activity turn in.

o With the Portfolio, these write-ups will be included with the addition of a personal reflection.

· 5 hours for writing the three field notes.

o Must include references in the writing of the field note.

· All writing – strict attention to APA format



This is my assignment above but l don’t need  everything this Sunday.


I will like to start with the responses from the nursing leader/s.  


First nurse leader/4 questions:  

question number one,  question three,  questions 8


second nurse leader /3 questions

question one, questions two , question three


third leader/ 3 questions

question one, question three and  question seven


Refer to the questions you sent


Please, need clarification? send via message. Thanks


Am requesting for 2 pages now but will request for more later to cover for the educational part. Reach out for  any concern



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