Estimated length 1-2 pages; 50 points


  • Background/HistoryWhy was this systematic review completed? Why do we need this evidence analyzed.(5)
  • What was PICO question? (List as a question and define each component.Be sure to look at Powerpoint that discusses this; define your P,I,C and O)8 points; 2 point each component
  • Briefly discuss inclusion/exclusion criteria.What factors led to studies being excluded or included in this systematic review.(5)
  • Methods: Methods of studies included in the review (5)
  • Summarize results of research included in the systematic review.(5)
  • Could PICO question be definitively answered?Why or why not? (5)
  • Assess the evidence and if a grade is not provided give your opinions on grade using Academy’s EAL grading system? (5)
  • How would this evidence contribute to your practice in working with this population? (5)
  • Site Sources – AMA citation style preferred; individual studies pulled for brief should be cited (3)
  • Grammar/editing- (5)
  • Readability- Information conveyed in a clear and concise manner (5)

PICO Question Example:Is supplemental Vitamin D effective in reducing depression in an adult population.

P: adults

I: Vitamin D supplements

C: placebo

O: decreased rates of depression

****Research Brief Format: *****

  • Name of Systematic Review
  • Background/History
  • PICO Question:
  • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:
  • Methods
  • Results
  • PICO Question Answered:





  • Grade of Evidence:
  • Use of this evidence for nutrition professionals:

(I have attached 2 articles but feel free to choose only one article.)

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