Your first draft of the essay should function as a strong foundation for a completed draft. It should also show a peer reader in the class your essay’s full potential in Module 6. To ensure you have a strong foundation to build from and that you have adequate material for your assigned peer reader, your first draft should meet the following expectations: 


  • 2-3 full pages in the required formatting below, PLUS a references page
    • No need for a title page yet
  • Formatting: Times New Roman, pt. 12, double-spaced, no extra space after the paragraphs (just regular double-spacing), standard margins, indented paragraphs
  • Should include a brief introduction that provides some context for the argument or question your essay will pose, as well as a clear statement of that argument of or question
    • You will develop your intro further in the next draft.
  • Should include a couple of body paragraphs
    • Each one should explore a different subtopic or idea in support of your argument/question.
      • It’s okay if they’re relatively brief, as you will develop them in further detail in the next draft, but make sure there’s enough in them that your peer reader will be able to follow your line of thinking in support of the argument/question
  • Should incorporate at least 3 good-quality sources in support of your claims
  • Should provide accurate APA-style in-text citations for all sources used.
  • Quoting should be absolutely minimal so we can focus on your presentation of the material in this draft; only quote if necessary. If you do quote, remember that quoted language must also be in quotation marks (“”) in addition to having an in-text citation.
  • Should include 2-3 sentences in conclusion.
    • A good conclusion can’t be written without a developed essay, so at the end of this draft, leave us with the questions you’re still wondering or ideas you know will be included as you keep developing the draft.
  • Should be proofread and spell-checked through both your own reading and the spelling and grammar check that your program or app almost certainly offers. (Word, Google Docs, Pages, and nearly all other programs for creating documents has one.)
    • Make extra sure you spell people’s names and, if applicable, the names of disabilities correctly. Some programs’ autocorrect functions change certain names and disability types into words that, in this context, are actually offensive. You won’t want mistakes like that in your draft.
    • I highly recommend reading your draft out loud to yourself as you proofread. This is one of THE most effective ways to catch mistakes.

Advice: The stronger the first draft, the more effective the Module 6 peer review will be and the easier the revision and development process will be. 


Submission: You will submit this draft TWO ways. First, you’ll submit it as a Word file (.doc or .docx) here. Then you will also copy and paste it as Discussion Post 6. (Don’t attach it as a file, just copy and paste it.) Next week, we will use this post for peer review. Both submission types are required for the assignment to receive feedback and be graded. 

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