Write a coherent, clearly organized eassy of 1000 words or more in which you cite scenes, speeches, quotes, and/or circumstances from the work to support or refute this:

In “Bartleby the Scrivener,” the narrator is a man who cares about nature, life, and, especially, other people.

You may, of course, recount episodes from the work as evidence to prove a point, but do not fall into the trap of simply retelling the plot from start to finish.

You are not to use outside resources in the paper (no research). I want the paper to be solely your own ideas, supported only by evidence from the work itself. No in-text citation or any kind, nor a works cited page, is necessary.

The paper should be typed, double-spaced (12-point type, one-and-a-half space usually looks good), no notes or bibliography, with a title page.

Th paper will be graded equally on the following criteria: A)How well written and organized it is, and B)How well you understand the work under discussion and use the work to support your ideas.

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