Notice that “fair” and “convincing” are two separate qualities…

Use evidence from the film BlackFish (The film is on Netflix if you could not find it somewhere else) to show that it is not fair and is biased because there was almost no one defending SeaWorld but also discuss how it is convincing because it uses a lot of pathos and it appeals to people’s feelings. Use evidence from BlackFish and two or three of the sources listed below. Use some sayings from the film as evidence and evidence from the sources to support that. 3 sources, one being blackfish

5 pages, double spaced, 12 times new roman font

MLA format, work cited page

sources you can use:

“Blackfish: Documentary or Propaganda?” Skeptoid,

Smith, Melissa A. “Why Blackfish Is Misleading, Unoriginal, and Stupid.” ReelRundown, 18

Apr. 2016,

O’Hara, Helen. “SeaWorld vs Blackfish: the Film That Introduced the World to the Plight of Tilikum.” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 4 June

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