• The purpose of this project is to provide the student with the opportunity to:
  • Identify the learning needs of individuals, groups, or communities
  • Develop an appropriate community-based teaching plan about a health promotion/risk reduction topic
  • Present the teaching plan in a PowerPoint format to staff at an appropriate community group
  • Demonstrate application of teaching/learning principles throughout the project
  • The project should include the following information:
    • Slide 1: Identify a health problem to be prevented or risk reduction strategy
    • Slide 2: Describe the group to be taught
    • Slide 3: Explain why this is a relevant topic for the specific group
    • Slide 4: State the date, time and location of the teaching project
    • Slide 5: State measurable objectives for the educator and the audience
    • Slide 6: Identify a health promotion model and how it applies to your target population in terms of prevention (may fall under primary, secondary or tertiary prevention) based on the observations and any data collection.
    • Slide 7 and Slide 8: Apply Healthy People 2020 objectives for your chosen target population in assessment of health status and as a component of strategy/ies to improve community health.
    • Slide 9 and Slide 10: Discuss the role of socioeconomic, environmental, and cultural factors as they relate to your target population.
    • Slide 11: Discuss in brief the health literacy issues or lack of literacy issues encountered with your target population.
    • Slide 12: Include a reference list (peer-reviewed journals, research, primary sources published with in the past 5 years, unless a classic work) in APA. Reference PowerPoint slides in APA when needed. Make sure to reference any images used in the slides as well. Make sure there are no patient names identified in the slides. May use initials only if applicable.

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