NSG/482: Promoting Healthy Communities

Wk 4 – Signature Assignment: Clinical Action Plan: Community Health Plan

Assignment Content


Part I

Using the data from your family and community assessments, create a plan in which you:

-Analyze the role of community/public health nursing and community partnerships as they apply to the participating family’s community.

-Analyze the influence of social determinants of health, such as culture and access to resources, in the participating family’s community.

-Compare epidemiological data for the participating family’s community to state-level data.

-Select 1 Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicator (LHI) topic that relates to your participating family’s community and the identified problem that you developed in Week 2. Based on your selected LHI topic:

-Identify at least 3 nursing interventions for the identified problem.

-List health partnerships that assist in implementing the interventions to support improved health outcomes for the family.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

-12- to 18-slide presentation with speaker notes on all slides

-700- to 1,050-word paper

Part II

Create a Health Education Action Plan. The plan will identify community health resources that support improved health outcomes for your selected family/community. Include:


-Planned action (interventions)

-Needed resources (community resources)

-Timeframe for evaluation (projected expectation for evaluating initial outcomes of action plan)

Implement the Health Education Action Plan with your selected family.

Write a 250- to 500-word summary of the implementation/teaching process, family response to action plan, and expectation for family compliance and improved health outcomes.

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed and 1 evidence-based reference.

Include APA-formatted citations and a references page.

Exception for presentations: Include a slide with APA-formatted references.

Note: Remove all personally identifying information such as the family members’ names. Refer to family members by initials only.

Format Part II of your assignment as one of the following:

-8- to 10-slide presentation

-Brochure (6 sided)


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

-What representations of the varying definitions of health have you encountered?

-How is it different for different people?

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