Assignment Instructions

You have been hired as a business consultant for Frank’s All-American BarBeQue.Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 15 slides with recommendations for Frank’s on how they can improve their business.You must include a minimum of three specific recommendations: one related to Marketing, one related to Operations, and one related to e-commerce, digital media or social media.You may add other recommendations if you would like.Your design should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to read and should not include too much text/data on the slides themselves.Be sure to include additional information the “Notes” section of the slides to support your recommendations and elaborate on your suggestions.Your “Notes” should support your recommendations with references and citations from your textbooks and a minimum of five other library quality, academic sources.You may find other sources in your Lessons.

Your final slides should be a Reference page with all sources listed in APA format.All sources referenced in your “Notes” should include an in-text citation.


Develop a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 15 slides.

Your presentation should include a reference page on the final slide in APA format.

Create “Speaker Notes” to expand upon the bullet points in your slides OR record a video of your presentation and include the link with your submission.

Follow APA format for structure. An APA template is attached here.Support your presentation with a minimum of 3 credible, academic references beyond the course materials.Please note Wikipedia, Investopedia, and similar general websites are not credible academic references.

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