Using your practicum experience, choose a client you’ve seen with personality disorder.

  • Download the Biopsychosocial Template (Word) to write about that client for this assignment.
  • Use the template to create an evidence-based treatment plan using all of the components within the template. Follow HIPAA guidelines to avoid providing information that identifies the patient.

Criteria for this paper:

  • Answer these questions succinctly but completely, integrating resources to provide rationale for all decisions.
  • Use APA formatting for all components of your paper.
  • Your paper should be approximately two to three pages in length not including the reference page.




  • PsychU. This website contains valuable psychiatric mental health screening tools. Retrieved from:
    • If you haven’t already done so, please register for access to this resource and search for applicable screening tools relevant to the assignments this week.
  • Nursing: Psychiatric Mental Health: Getting Started. Check out this library research guide created for Regis Nursing students specializing in PMH.

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