Research these movements:

  1. Neoclassicism
  2. Romanticism
  3. Realism
  4. Photography
  5. Impressionism
  6. Post Impressionism
  7. Art Nouveau

Give a quick summary (a couple of concise sentences) of characteristics each movement and at least one example of an artist and their artwork for each movement.

( I attached what I had so far. I wasn’t able to attach the document itself with the picture but here is the wording and just reattach the picture).

—> started in 1760’s throughout europe and north america until the 1850s

—> breaking away from the emotionally charged Baroque style of previous years

—> Looked back to the classical style of art

—> can sometimes appear cold and unemotional

→ patriotism, honor, sacrifice, human rights, and courage

→ differed from baroque artists in the past

—> focused on formal composition, accurate detail, and solid lines

—> known for classical and mythological themes

—> neoclassical artists depicted the flaws of there artists

—> Artist: Jacques-Louis David

—> Painting: Socrates Drinking the Hemlock (1787).

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