Learning Questions of Module-7

  • Design and plan a good research and be familiar with the general steps of conducting a research
  • Properly select a research topic
  • Properly identify the research Dilemma and process they have to follow during research.

Learning Questions of Module-8

  • The basic stages of research design.
  • The major descriptors of research design.
  • How qualitative methodologies differ from quantitative methodologies.
  • The controversy surrounding qualitative research.
  • The types of decisions that use qualitative methodologies.
  • The different qualitative research methodologies.


  • Assignment-3 covers Modules 7&8
  • Your assignment is required to be four to five pages in length, which does not include the title page and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.
  • Support your submission with course material concepts, principles from the textbook and at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Use the Saudi Digital Library to find your resources.
  • Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and follow APA style guidelines.
  • Assignment -3 should be submitted on or before 16 /11 /2019.


Read the following two published papers (available via Saudi Digital Library):

  • Kakabadse, N.K., Figueira, C., Nicolopoulou, K., Hong Yang, J., Kakabadse, A.P., and Özbilgin, M.F. (2015). Gender diversity and board performance: women’s experiences and perspectives. Human Resource Management, 54(2), pp. 265–281.
  • Ionascu, M., Ionascu, I., Sacarin, M., & Minu, M. (2018). Women on Boards and Financial Performance: Evidence from a European Emerging Market. Sustainability, 10(5), 1644.

Assignment Questions:

1. Identify the research purpose of the two articles. (1 Mark)

2. Explain the research methodology of each article:

a. The research methodology adopted (1 Mark)

b. Techniques used to gather data (1 Mark)

c. The findings and conclusions (1 Mark)

3. Can you suggest any recommendation(s) to improve the findings of each article (1 Mark)

4. What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each method? (2 Marks)

You have to support your answer with at least three academic references.

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