Presentation Criteria: The following information must be included in your presentation: GOOGLE SLIDES

•Name, chemical formula and structure of drug. The name must have the IUPAC system name in addition to the common name the drug is advertised by.

•Is there a generic drug that will provide the same remedy?

•Label and Identify the functional groups present in the structure.

•Based on the functional groups present in the drug, what can you predict about the physical properties of this compound.Use information gained from lecture notes and lab experiments.

•Now, look up any information you can find online about its chemical and physical properties and COMPARE them from your prediction.

•Explain how the drug is synthesized. If this is not readily available, then see if you can provide the types of reactants needed to synthesize the drug. If conditions are known, then indicate so.Indicate references to where the information is found.

•What are all possible uses for this drug?

•Why did you/group choose this drug?

•Are there side effects? Complications? (What are the cons and pros of taking this drug?)

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