Assignment 1 for Online Learning Activity:

 Identify Research Study Components

Review chapter on components of research study and the Johnston et al article for this assignment (attached).

1.      Analyze this passage to identify the research topic, problem statement, significance of the problem, and purpose of the study.


o    In the United States, over a million people are living with HIV infection. Another half million have died from AIDS since the beginning of the HIV epidemic. The prevalence of HIV has increased among women, but especially among minority women. A larger proportion of minority women are uninsured when compared with nonminority women.

o    Treatment of HIV has increased the life expectancy of patients. Viral suppression, however, requires greater than 90% adherence to expensive medications for life. Treatment fatigue has been linked to patients dropping out of care. No studies have been published that explore the experience of treatment fatigue from the perspectives of uninsured, minority women with HIV infection. This phenomenological study seeks to explore the lived experience of treatment fatigue in HIV infection among uninsured, minority women.


Identify the following components:

a)         The research topic,

b)          Problem Statement,

c)         Significance of the Problem,

d)         The Purpose of the study.



2.      Johnston et al. (2012) studied the effect of maternal touch and talk on the distress of infants and toddlers during invasive procedures. The article has been uploaded on eLearning. 


Read the article and answer the following questions.


a.       What facts did the researchers cite to establish the significance of the research topic?


b.      What was the purpose of the study?


c.       What are the independent and dependent variables in this study?


d.      Name possible confounding variables.


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For 2 weeks straight, you are to engage in some stress management / relaxation technique for 10-15 minutes per day then report on your experience as explained below.


Begin by choosing an activity you wish to take on and engage in for 14 days. Here are some ideas: walking, jogging, stretching, bicycling, swimming, weight training, jumping rope, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, progressive relaxation, body scanning, visualization, repetitive prayer, listening to soothing music, painting or coloring, journaling about 3 things for which you are thankful, something you wish for or dream about, or a positive experience you had during the day.  The idea is to try something that you do not currently practice each day and stick with it every day for 2 full weeks.  If you are interested in body scanning meditation or visualization, here are sample audio/video guides: Body Scan Meditation or Visualization – Forest.

Each day before you engage in your activity, track your overall mood using a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very negative, 5 being neutral, and 10 being very positive.  You should also track how you feel, use a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very agitated, 5 being neutral, and 10 being very calm.  When you finish your activity, once again, track your overall mood and how you feel.  Write down this information every day and even though you need not submit it, you will need to summarize your overall results in your report.

At the end of the 14 days, review the tracking of your moods and feelings throughout that time period, and to prepare to write your essay, evaluate the findings of how your mood and feelings changed or did not change.


Begin your essay by clearly describing the stress management / relaxation technique you chose to use.  Then discuss the findings that you tracked each day before and after engaging in your activity.  Be sure to thoroughly address what you originally expected to find and then anything that may have surprised you, as this is 25% of your grade on the essay.

Next, write an overview of your technique in reference to the benefits to your psychological well-being.  You should also address any challenges you encountered and what you learned from the overall experience.  Lastly, be certain to disclose whether or not you intend to continue to use the technique in the future.  Again, please provide a thorough discussion, as this part is also worth another 25% of your grade on the essay.

Stress and Coping Rubric

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