You are spraying your garden with a pesticide and you accidentally swallow a small amount. You read on the package that this pesticide inhibits ATP synthase. Should you be worried?

a) ATP synthase is part of the light dependent reaction in photosynthesis; this pesticide will therefore not affect humans. So don’t worry!
b) ATP synthase is an enzyme involved in the citric acid cycle so all animals, humans included, will be affected. Call the doctor.
c) ATP synthase found in the pesticide is a very toxic compound. Call the doctor.
d) ATP synthase is involved in both photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Call the doctor.
e) ATP synthase inhibitors will not affect humans, but there might be other toxic ingredients in the pesticide, so it is best to call the doctor to be on the safe side.

In the following chemical reaction, what is carbon dioxide (CO2)?
12 H20 + 6 CO2 -> 1 glucose molecule + 6 O2
a) Substrate
b) Product
c) Enzyme
d) Activation factor
e) Independent variable

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