Ø Write a self-reflection report of your experience of learning English as a second/foreign language in which you answer the following questions:

1- Talk about your journey in learning English (e.g. age of start, type of schools and teachers, kind of received instruction, etc.)

2- Explain the challenges you faced in your language learning journey particularly in the development of your vocabulary, grammar, and skills (i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

3- Discuss the most important factors that have affected your learning (e.g. ESL/EFL context, age, motivation, instruction ..etc.)

Support your writing of the previous points with relevant theories explained in this course, previous research studies, and real examples from your developing inter-language.

The reflection report should be between 4 and 5 pages long (excluding the cover page and references) and written according to APA style. It should also include at least three references.

The project should be submitted in both a hard copy (in class) and a soft copy (via blackboard). Deadline for submission is week

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