You need to do a ppt and word doc. According to the following requirements

Part C

Current Strategy description and evaluation of the following:

1. Product (DEPTH, BREADTH OF PRODUCT TIME, LIFE CYCLE OF PRODUCT) Our products are: Nike Joyride Run Flyknit

2. Price strategy

3. Distribution channels

4. Promotion mix (personal selling sales promotion, advertising)

5. Market positioning (should aboout our product)

6. Finance aspects

7.Market share and growth

The power point should include the above seven items. There is no need for too much text in ppt, and a speech with a matching ppt is required. (This needs to be written in a word document)

You also need to write a more formal word document and write the above seven items in detail.

Here is an example of my team member. You can learn from it.

So you need to write a power point and a speech, and a word document that matches the requirements.

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