My company is Costco, and the government issues are focus on environmental problem and tariffs. (6-8 pages)

Recommendations: Business Project Teams

Your recommendations should include the identification of a specific team, or teams, which will focus the organization’s efforts on influencing the potential impacts of your identified government actions on the business.

One specific recommendation should include the use of an existing Government Relations department within the organization, or the development of the same, to coordinate efforts with stakeholders, PACs, industry associations and/or external lobbying efforts.

Recommendations: Communications

This recommendation should identify and explain the communications tools you would propose to be used with the organization’s stakeholders, industry associations, outside lobbyists and others. Social media, conferences, email blasts, etc.

In addition, how will you communicate with elected officials and regulatory agencies?

Recommendations: Solution

What solutions would your recommend internally do mitigate the impact of government actions. In addition, what would you propose to elected officials or regulatory agencies as a solid and meaningful way of conducting business.

An example might be the issue of minimum wage. If you would propose to increase your organization’s minimum wage to a level higher than the current minimum wage that you could present that to elected officials as an example of an organization doing what is right for its business and employees without government intervention. “Let the market dictate wages”

Recommendations: Political Influence

What external resources will you propose to use to leverage your message to government. Lobbyists, Industry Associations, PAC efforts, etc. should all be considered in this set of recommendations.

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