It is understood that thoughtful responses to your topic question(s) will take some time and thought. Please organize your thoughts before creating your initial post. To assist you in your work for this discussion, please use the worksheet linked in each of the team threads to organize your thoughts. Then simply copy and paste the text from the document into your initial post.

Please be sure to number the questions addressed and include all components of each question in your response. Each initial response must have a reference, including at least two scholarly references other than your textbook or course materials. Your post should be limited to 500 to 750 words and comprehensively address the questions posed.


Team Worksheet

JL, a 50-year-old woman, fell and broke the left tibia at the ankle. She is in the emergency department, waiting for the fracture to be immobilized. The leg hurts and she notes that the ankle is red and swollen. A diagnosis of a simple fracture and sprain (damage to ligaments) is made.

1.     Describe the pathophysiology of her pain and swelling as related to both the fracture and the strain? Why is the area red and swollen? Is this an acute or chronic process?

2.     What can JL expect in the days to come as inflammation resolves and healing begins? What can she expect when the cast is removed? (hint: will she be back to normal?)

3.     What is the rationale for immobilizing the fractured bone? Include in your explanation a discussion of why movement of the affected area is painful.

4.     She is told to come back to the fracture clinic in 24 hours to have her cast checked. What could happen to the inflamed tissue if the edema increases in the casted area? What warning signs and symptoms will you look for?

5.     She reports feeling fatigued and anorexic and has a low-grade temperature. What is the cause of these symptoms?

6.     Is this injury at high risk for developing osteomyelitis? Provide rationale for your answer.

7.     JL asks you if there is anything, she can do to help herself get better. Identify and explain three interventions she can implement to promote healing.





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