Here are the instructions below, how to write this essay about ‘ Who Am I’ 

. Also, see attachment for further instructions. This essay needs to minimum 400 words or more. Thank you.

  2. Provide an introduction to lifespan development.
  4. Without giving away the individual you chose, provide details of the individual, 
  5. such as birth place, life growing up, and what made this individual pursue psychology and lifespan development.
    • Write in either first or third person (NOT BOTH). Use phrases such as: “This individual…” (third person) or “I was born…” (first person)
  6. Share theories and concepts that helped make this individual well known, whether in their time or currently.
  8. Provide a conclusion on the individual’s life, and share (at the end) who you chose to write about, thus answering the question “who am I?”

Your essay should:

  • Answer the essay questions thoroughly in no fewer than 400 words.
  • Use factual information from reputable sources.
  • Be written in standard essay format:
    • Introduction; includes an overview of your main points.
    • Body; complete paragraphs, each discussing one main point with support and details.
    • Conclusion; recaps main points, without presenting new information .
  • In-text and full citations are required in APA format.

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