Must be on side of Reader Response Theory

research on both theories are needed

Authorial intent theory: a position that argues that the creator of a text possesses a privileged understanding of its meaning and that consequently any interpretation that contradicts this understanding must be defer to the author’s intentions.

Reader Response Theory: A view of literary works that argues that meaning does not reside in the text, but in the mind of the reader. The text suctions only as a canvas onto which the reader projects whatever his or her reactions may be. The text is a cause of different thoughts, but does not provide a reason for one interpretation rather than another.

Research both theories but essay must support reader response theory

REQUIREMENTS: 4-6 pages, 4 reliable outside sources, MLA format, works cited with all cites used

Must contain: a clear argument- you must take a clear and firm stand on the question of which literary theory you agree with. must support with evidence. needs a counter argument- make a case for the opposing opinion. and must have a rebuttal to the counter argument- why the opposing opinion is weak.

I have already written a intro paragraph and thesis statement that I will attach, please revise it including the thesis if you believe it is weak and needs improvement.

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