Which of the following is NOT a feature of DNA?

a) Adenine (A) forms a base pair with thymine (T)
b) Complimentary strands are anti-parallel, running in opposite directions
c) Complimentary strands are held together by hydrogen bonds between phosphate groups
d) Nucleotides within a single strand are connected by covalent bonds
e) All of the above are features of DNA

A man who carries a harmful sex-linked gene on his X chromosome, will pass the gene on to _______________________.

a) all of his daughters
b) half of his daughters
c) all of his sons
d) half of his sons
e) all of his children

A double-stranded DNA molecule that has 22% guanine will have __________.

a) 28% thymine
b) 22% cytosine
c) 44% adenine
d) 26% uracil
e) both A and B are correct

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