Case study VINDICATE Nemonic for differential diagnosis SBAR formate and answer all the questions with 3 references in APA formate.

No Diagnosis given, make the diagnosis

History: A 17-year-old male presents to your emergency department after accidentally ingesting a large amount of methanol because he thought it was Gatorade®. He is not suicidal. He denies any co-ingestion, and the paramedics did not find any pills or substances in the house. The ingestion occurred approximately four hours prior to the call to EMS. He is currently complaining of blurred vision and nausea.

PMH: None.

SH: No previous suicide attempts or history of depression.

Physical Examination: T: 99.4°F HR: 120 bpm RR: 24 breaths per minute BP: 110/60 mm Hg

General: He is awake and alert.

HEENT: Examination reveals dilated pupils with sluggish light reaction and poor accommodation. Pulmonary: Clear to auscultation.

CV: Regular rate and rhythm without murmur, capillary refill slightly prolonged.

Neurologic: GCS = 14. Cranial nerves II-XII intact.


What are the salient features of this patient’s problem?

How do you think through her problem?

What are the key features including essentials of diagnosis, general considerations and demographics of this diagnosis?

What are the symptoms and signs of this diagnosis?

What is the differential diagnosis of this?

What are imaging and procedural findings of this diagnosis?

What are the treatments for this diagnosis?



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