Describe the significance of the evidence-based project that can be implemented in the primary care setting. Give a clear and explicit statement of the problem, including the target population and background. Your paper should include your research question set up in PICOT format that will drive your change project throughout the course.

PICOT stands for:

Population/Patient Problem: Who is your patient? Hispanic population (Miami Dade)
Intervention: What do you plan to do for the patient?
Comparison: What is the alternative to your plan?
Outcome: What outcome do you seek?
Time: What is the time frame?

In diabetic patients what is the effective way to manage blood sugar compared with no intervention

The paper should be three pages.

Population is fully defined and present in the research question. Includes specific interventions, identifies comparisons, and presents appropriate outcomes in a timely manner for the question. Overall, a well-built question using the PICOT format.

Presents a thorough and insightful analysis of the chosen topic/problem. Describes the problem thoroughly, including the target population and history/background

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